PURPOSE: The Gold Medal Award is the American Society of Pediatric Neuroradiology’s (ASPNR’s) highest honor. It is bestowed on distinguished individuals in recognition of extraordinary, notable, and prestigious achievements and contributions in the field of pediatric neuroradiology. Professional contributions may be in areas of research, clinical care, teaching and mentorship, and service.  

ELIGIBILITY:   Individuals are physician radiologists. Candidates are not required to be an ASPNR member and may hail from any country.   Nominees should have made extraordinary contributions to enhance the development and/or stature of pediatric neuroradiology, including service to the ASPNR and its membership.  

EXCLUSIONS:  Current Directors of the ASPNR Board, members of the Gold Medal Award Committee, any Board Director within 3 years of having served on the ASPNR Board of Directors, any faculty member in the department of the Gold Medal Award Committee Chairperson, and any person who has previously received the ASPNR’s Gold Medal Award are ineligible for nomination.  The Gold Medal will not be awarded posthumously, except in the instance when the nominee’s demise occurs in the interval between the time of selection as a Gold Medalist and the annual meeting at which the Gold Medal is scheduled to be awarded.

NOMINATION PROCESS:  Only ASPNR Members or Associate Members in good standing may submit nominations.

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