PART 1. Applicant Information



PART 2. Neuroradiology Fellowship Training:

Neuroradiology Fellowship 1st year:
Neuroradiology Fellowship 2nd year:

PART 3. Board Certification:

PART 4. Residency Training

PART 5. Sponsors

If you do NOT belong to any of the societies listed above, please provide two (2) sponsors. Sponsors must hold ASPNR Member status, or the equivalent from any of the societies mentioned. All sponsors must be familiar with the reputation and qualifications of the applicant and his/her involvement or interest in Pedriatric Neuroradiology.
Please note - all applicants for Member status must provide a copy of their Radiology Board or Subspecialty Certificate in Neuroradiology.

PART 6. Membership Dues

1st Qtr. 2nd Qtr. 3rd Qtr. 4th Qtr.*
Category Annual Dues Jan-Mar Apr-June July-Sept Oct-Dec
Member $125 + $50 application fee $175 $132 $88 $175
Associate $75 $75 $56 $38 $75
In-Training (Neuroradiology Fellow) $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
* When dues are paid during the 4th quarter, membership is valid through the end of the following year.