ASNR 2018
56th Annual Meeting
June 2-7, 2018
Vancouver Convention Centre East
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sunday June 3, 2018
The Foundation of ASNR Symposium 2018
Pediatric Neuroimaging: Improving Quality and Safety (SAM)

Moderators: Raymond K. Tu MD, FACR, Tina Young Poussaint MD
Rapid Pediatric MRI: Finding the Just Right Protocol, Gregory D. Avey MD
Radiation and Anesthesia: Dialing Down the Dose in Pediatrics, Dennis W. Shaw MD
Gadolinium Deposition Review: State of the Art, Donna R. Roberts MD
Impact of Health Care Reform on Pediatric Neuroradiology, Richard L. Robertson MD
Age of Precision Medicine in Pediatric Neuroradiology, Susan Palasis MD
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Monday, June 4, 2017 through Thursday, June 7, 2018
ASNR Annual Meeting 2018

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 – ASPNR Programming
ASPNR/ESNR Collaboration Session: Safety and Toxicity to the Pediatric Brain  
Moderators: Ashok Panagraphy, MD
MagnetVision: A New Safety Paradigm and Approach to Assessing and Evaluating MR Safety for Patients with Implants/Devices/Foreign Bodies, Emmanuel Kanal, MD, FACR, FISMRM, MRMD, AANG
Updates in Toxic and Metabolic Disorders in the Pediatric Brain, Thierry A G M Huisman, MD
Rapid Imaging Protocol and Leveraging MR Fingerprinting Techniques in Pediatric Neuroradiology, Giulio Zuccoli, MD
Speed Versus Information and Safety Issues in Fetal MRI, Andrea Righini, MD

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 – ASPNR Programming
Placenta and Imaging of the Immature Brain (SAM, AR)
A Primer of Fetal Neuroimaging: Value Added, Orit A. Glenn, MD
Twin Gestational Pregnancies: Imaging of the Immature Brain and Placental Correlates, Beth M. Kline-Fath MD
Infection and the Immature Brain: Placental Correlates and Advanced Ultrasound Imaging, Denise Pugash, BSc, MD, CM, FRCPC
Clinical Value and Counselling of Patients in Relation to Fetal and Neonatal Neuroimaging, Dawn Gano, MD, MAS
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Wednesday, June 6, 2018 – ASPNR Programming
Pediatric Case-Based Session (AR): Case Review Series Pediatric Head and Neck
Moderators: V. Michelle Silvera MD, Susan Palasis MD
Fetal Head and Neck and Orbital Imaging, Ashley, J. Robinson, MD, CHB
Cystic Lesions and Neoplasms in Pediatric Head and Neck, Caroline D. Robson MD, ChB
Pediatric Temporal Bone, Timothy N. Booth, MD
Vascular Anomalies in Pediatric Head and Neck, Aylin Tekes-Brady, MD

Thursday, June 7, 2018  ASPNR Programming
Healthcare Artificial Intelligence and Application to Pediatric Neuroradiology
Moderator: Aylin Tekes-Brady, MD
Artificial Intelligence: Hype, Myth and How it Will Add Value to your Practice, Eliot Siegel MD
Top of License Practice for Machines: The Impending of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on Healthcare Delivery, Daniel J. Durand, MD
A Basic Primer of Machine Learning for the Pediatric Neuroradiologist, Rafael Ceschin, Phd