ASPNR- ESNR Joint Programming 2015
September 17-20, 2015
Naples, Italy


ESNR-ASPNR Joint Session

Moderators: Chen Hoffman MD (ESNR) and Thierry Huisman MD (ASPNR)

1. Advanced Imaging of The Spinal Cord Translating “New” Sequences into Clinical Practice. Thierry Huisman (ASPNR)
2. The Fetal Spine: How to Study and What to Look For. Nadine Girard MD(ESNR)
3. Spinal Malformations: Pattern Recognition.  Andrea Rossi MD (ESNR)
4. The Hyperintense Spinal Cord: Pattern Recognition. Chen Hoffmann MD (ESNR)
5. Pitfalls, Variants and Non-pathological Findings. Thierry Huisman MD (ASPNR)