We are excited to announce the launch of a capital campaign in support of pediatric neuroradiology research and ASPNR members for an endowment named in honor of the leaders who started our society, the BNH FOUNDERS GRANT!

The BNH Founders Grant is named in honor of Dr. James Barkovich, Dr. Thomas Naidich, and the late Dr. Derek Harwood-Nash, the esteemed founders of the ASPNR, who nurtured it for many years and continue to support it today. In this way, we recognize the contributions of the past while supporting the future. Our goal is to create an endowment and thereby establish a permanent research grant that will continue to support pediatric neuroradiology research into the future.

All donations received in 2021 will be added to the society’s research grant fund, a restricted account that will be used to support research grants going forward in perpetuity. Ultimately, the goal is to grow this account into an asset of $1 million that will support many research efforts of our members going forward.

All contributions received in 2021 will be tabulated and  the first $20,000 received in donations in 2021  to the BNH Founders Grant will be met with 1:1 MATCHING GRANT provided by the ASPNR, so please contribute today to meet our goal of raising $40,000 this year!

•  Donations to the ASPNR are now tax deductible •   The ASPNR is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization •

Through Sept 30, 2022

The American Society of Pediatric Neuroradiology (ASPNR) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization registered in the state of Illinois and classified as a public charity. Donors can deduct contributions made under IRC Section 170.

For any further assistance, please reach out to members@aspnr.org.

Our Recognition Levels are:

Double Diamond ($5,000)

Diamond ($2,000)

Platinum ($1,000)

Gold ($500)

Silver ($250)

Bronze ($100)


Individual Donors 2021


Dr. Laurence Eckel
Dr. Susan Palasis
Dr. V. Michelle Silvera
Dr. Aylin Tekes-Brady


Dr. Timothy Booth


Dr. Laura Hayes
Dr. Daniel Lefton
Dr. Mark Mamlouk
Dr. David Mirsky
Dr. Karen Moeller
Dr. Lorenna Vidal
Dr. Arastoo Vossough


Dr. Paul Caruso
Dr. Jonathan Grynspan
Dr. Bernadette Koch
Dr. William O’Brien


Dr. Mohammed Alghamdi
Dr. Aashim Bhatia
Dr. Paul Caruso
Dr. Theresa Chapman
Dr. Camila De La Barra
Dr. Anna Golja
Dr. Hayden Head
Dr. Jason Johnson
Dr. Shalendra Kumar Misser
Dr. Toshio Moritani
Dr. Sarah Moum
Dr. C. Douglas Philips
Dr. Mark Shiroishi
Dr. Jeffrey Thomasson
Dr. Nagwa Wilson
Dr. Paul Wong


Individual Donors 2020


Dr. Stacy Goergen
Dr. Camilla Lindan


Dr. Bernadette Koch in honor of Dr. Corning Benton


Dr. Mohammed Algathradi
Dr. Savvas Andronikou
Dr. James Barkovich
Dr. Susan Blaser
Dr. Timothy Booth
Dr. Lucia Carpineta
Dr. Seyed Emamian
Dr. Orit Glenn
Dr. David Grevent
Dr. Roy Jacob
Dr. Michele Johnson
Dr. Blaise Jones
Dr. Leena Ketonen
Dr. David Mirsky
Dr. Swati Mody
Dr. Sumit Pruthi
Dr. John Rees
Dr. Diana Rodriguez
Dr. Jordi Roldan
Dr. Michael Sargent
Dr. Karuna Shekdar
Dr. Joshua Shimony
Dr. Mark Shiroishi
Dr. V. Michelle Silvera
Dr. Bradley Strimling
Dr. Subramanian Subramanian
Dr. Michael Wien
Dr. Nagwa Wilson