Scientific Oral Abstract Awards and Scientific and Educational Poster Awards

We are pleased to announce the Award recipients for Best Oral Scientific Abstract, Best Scientific and Educational Posters, and Cum Laude Awards for Scientific and Educational Posters at the 2nd Annual ASPNR Meeting in Miami Beach, FL, January 10-12, 2020.

The Best Oral Scientific Abstract went to Dr. Paul Griffiths and colleagues from the University of Sheffield for their work on “Automated Segmentation of the Normal Fetal Brain from 3D Volumetric MR Imaging Using a Deep U-Net”.  ID#:  756165.
Authors: Paul D. Griffiths MD, AndrikRampun MD, Deborah Jarvis, Paul Armitage MD.
Corresponding author: p.griffiths@sheffield.ac.uk

The Best Educational Poster Award went to Dr.  Benjamin Sawatzky and colleagues from the University of Wisconsin for their work on “MAKING SENSE of MTOR: An Introduction to mTORopathies.”. ID#:  756091
Authors: Benjamin Sawatzky, MD, Justin Brucker, MD.
Corresponding author: bsawatzky@uwhealth.org

The Best Scientific Poster Award went to Dr. Fabricio Goncalves et al. from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for their work on “Evaluation of MRI Features for Differentiating Primary Choroid Plexus Tumors in Children”. ID#:  756603
Authors:  Fabricio Guimaraes Goncalves MD, Juan Sebastian Martin-Saavedra MD, Cesar Alves MD, Sara Teixeira MD, Savvas Andronikou MD, ArastooVossough MD,PhD
Corresponding author: goncalvesf@email.chop.edu


Cum Laude Awards for exceptional Educational Posters were given to: 

Dr. Adam Donithan et al. from the UVA; “MOG-antibody-associated Demyelination: Review of Neuroimaging Phenotypes and Newly Reported Features”. ID#755995
Authors: Adam Donithan MD, James N. Brenton MD, Julie A. Matsumoto MD
Corresponding author: adam.donithan@gmail.com

Dr. Stacy Goergenet et al. from Monash Health; “Algorithmic Approach to Diagnosis in the Fetus with Absent Septal Leaflets”. ID#: 756942
Authors: Stacy K. Goergen, MBBS, FRANZCR, MClinEpi, Rachel Evans MD, Soumya Cicilet MD, Farha Furruqh MD.
Corresponding author: Stacy.Goergen@monashhealth.org

Dr.Toshio Moritani et al. from the University of Michigan;  Usual and Unusual Pediatric Brain Tumors: Diffusion and Perfusion-weighted Imaging and Pitfalls”. ID#: 756157
Authors: Michael Lee MD,  Toshio Moritani MD, PhD
Corresponding author: tmoritan@med.umich.edu

Dr. Laura Mann et al. from the University of Rochester Medical Center; “Pediatric Upper Airway Obstruction: From Birth and Beyond”. ID#: 744715
Authors: Laura Mann MD; Shehanaz Ellika MBBS, DM, MD, Jeevak Almast MBBS, MD, Edward Lin MD, MBA, Alok Bhatt MD
Corresponding author: laura_mann@urmc.rochester.edu


Cum Laude Awards for exceptional Scientific Posters were given to: 

Dr. Michael Kushdilian et al. from the Indiana University School of Medicine;  “Morning Glory Optic Disc Abnormality: Spectrum of Associated Anomalies and Characteristic Imaging Findings”. ID#: 755921
Authors: Michael Kushdilian MD, Joseph Acchiardo MD, Chang Ho MD, Rupa Radhakrishnan MD.
Corresponding author: mikushdi@iupui.edu

Dr. Arian Mashhood et al. from the University of California, San Francisco; “Prenatal Diagnosis of Third/Fourth Branchial Sinus”. ID#: 749240
Authors: Arian Mashhood MD, Yi Li MD, Mark Mamlouk MD, Vickie A. Feldstein MD, Orit A. Glenn MD.
Corresponding author: arian.mashhood@ucsf.edu

Dr. Elizabeth Weidman et al. from Weill Cornell Medicine, NewYork Presbyterian;  “Myelination Timeline of the Pediatric Spinal Cord”. ID#: 756906
Authors: Elizabeth K. Weidman, MD, Arastoo Vossough MD, PhD.
Corresponding author: ekw9005@med.cornell.edu

Dr. Asthik Biswas et al. from  The Hospital for Sick Children;  “Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis- clinical Presentation, Age at Diagnosis and MRI Features”. ID#: 756545
Authors: Asthik Biswas MD, Pradeep Krishnan MD, Afsaneh Amirabadi MD, Susan Blaser MD, Saadet Mercimek-Andrews MD, Manohar Shroff MD.
Corresponding author: ekw9005@med.cornell.edu