December 2022

2-year-old male with global development delay

October 2022

Toddler unable to sit unaided

September 2022

5-year-old girl with congenital anorectal stenosis

August 2022

Female infant with hyperpigmented skin lesions and seizures

July 2022

16-year-old with long standing right hemiparesis, developmental delay, and bilateral cataracts

June 2022

Infant with sudden onset of paraplegia

May 2022

7-month-old child with a normal perinatal history

April 2022

12-month-old infant with infantile spasms

March 2022

2-year-old with history of status epilepticus and hemiplegia

February 2022

Teenager being evaluated for focal seizures

January 2022

30-week, 5-day GA fetus with ventriculomegaly and concern for corpus callosum or chromosomal abnormality on US

December 2021

3-year-old female with microcephaly, developmental delay, dyskinesia, truncal hypotonia, facial dysmorphism, corneal opacities, widely spaced & hypoplastic nipples and abnormal genitalia

November 2021

Neonate with prenatal ventriculomegaly and hypotonia on exam

October 2021
2 yo with febrile seizures in the setting of severe influenza A encephalopathy. Initial MRI was normal. Second seizure cluster 2 days later;

September 2021
Teenager presenting with 1 month of eye swelling and pain

August 2021
7-year-old female with upper airway obstruction and facial abnormality

July 2021
Newborn presenting with seizure

June 2021
5-year-old female with altered mental status

May 2021
32-week fetus with severe microcephaly and suspected brain anomaly

April 2021
12-year-old female with history of seizures, hypersomnia and ataxia

March 2021
Toddler with progressive motor deficits

February 2021
11-month-old with seizures and global developmental delay

January 2021

17-month-old child with microcephaly and palpable skull defects

December 2020

3-year-old girl with slurred speech, gait unsteadiness and encephalopathy

November 2020

10 y/o with left head swelling

October 2020

10-year-old boy with facial paralysis and difficulty with ocular movements since birth

September 2020

Occipital encephalocele and cystic kidneys detected on prenatal ultrasound at 27 weeks

August 2020

9-year-old with nasal mass

July 2020

4-day old with cleft lip, cleft palate and prenatal diagnosis of intracranial cyst

June 2020

Infant girl with infantile spasm

May 2020

15-year-old girl with new onset seizures

April 2020

3-year-old girl with delayed / difficultly walking, abnormal gait, and dysarthria

March 2020

3-month-old with bilateral club feet and spinal abnormality noted at birth

February 2020

12-month-old girl with oculomotor apraxia, motor delay and poor growth

January 2020

Neonate with normal birth history, poor feeding, and seizures

December 2019

5-month-old girl with a skin covered lump on the lower back. Known anorectal malformation

November 2019

6-year-old, previously healthy girl, with headache, facial droop, and left-sided weakness

October 2019

Scalp abnormality detected on prenatal ultrasound at 28 weeks

September 2019

4 y/o girl with worsening bilateral lower limb spasticity with stiffness and poor balance

August 2019

30-month-old boy with neurologic regression in motor and language domains as well as dystonia

July 2019

History withheld

June 2019

Absent corpus callosum on fetal ultrasound in a female fetus

May 2019

3 year old girl with acute ataxia

April 2019

7 year-old girl presenting with URI symptoms and seizures

March 2019

14-month-old female with pulmonary hypertension, seizures, and congenitally dilated pupils

February 2019

21-week-old fetus with abnormal prenatal ultrasound

January 2019

5-year-old boy with refractory epilepsy and developmental delay

December 2018

1-year-old boy with motor delay and regression

November 2018

2-year-old with a left neck mass enlarging in size over 1 month

October 2018

Abnormal prenatal ultrasound at 22 weeks gestational age

September 2018

8-month-old boy with left 3rd cranial nerve palsy and ptosis

August 2018

9-year-old girl with abnormal involuntary movements

July 2018

3rd-trimester fetus with abnormal prenatal ultrasound

June 2018

17-year-male with sickle cell disease who presents with altered mental status, thrombocytopenia, and bradycardia. No fever or trauma.

May 2018

6-month-old infant with infantile spasms on treatment

April 2018

7-year-old girl with bilateral conductive hearing loss and dysmorphism

March 2018

6-month-old girl with severe microcephaly at birth. Mother had traveled to Brazil in her 1st trimester.

February 2018

7-month-old boy with macrocephaly.

January 2018

8-year-old girl with a painful left eye

December 2017

9-year-old boy with acute non-traumatic neck pain and pain under the right scapula

November 2017

2-year-old girl with headaches

October 2017

8-month-old girl with right upper extremity weakness since birth

September 2017

6-year-old girl with headaches, persistent vomiting, and abnormal gait

August 2017

1-week-old female with difficulty breathing

July 2017

15-year-old with known HIV infection presents with syncope and possible seizures

June 2017

4-year-old boy with tuberous sclerosis and an enlarging, newly enhancing cerebellar lesion