Gold Medalists

From 2000-2004, the ASPNR presented a Special Recognition Award. In 2005, that award was replaced with the Gold Medal Award. Past recipients of the Special Recognition Award were presented with Gold Medals. The first Gold Medal Award was presented in 2006.


2015 Nolan R. Altman, MD
2014 Marjo S. van der Knapp, MD, PhD
2013 Susan I. Blaser, M.D.
2012 Jacob Valk, M.D.
2011 Marvin D. Nelson, M.D.
2010 Charles A. Raybaud, M.D.
2009 William S. Ball, Jr., M.D.
2008 Larissa Bilaniuk, M.D.
2007 Joseph R. Thompson, M.D.
2006 A. James Barkovich, M.D.


2004 Samuel M. Wolpert, M.D.
2003 Hervey D. Segall, M.D.
2002 Robert A. Zimmerman, M.D.
2001 Charles Fitz, M.D.
2000 Thomas P. Naidich, M.D.