Dr. E. Ralph Heinz is Professor Emeritus at Duke University and recipient of the 2018 ASPNR Gold Medal Award. Dr. Heinz completed his medical school at the University of Pennsylvania in 1955. He decided to pursue Radiology as a career and was one of the first neuroradiologists in the country to be trained by Dr. Juan Taveras in 1962.

Dr. Heinz served as a Division Chief in the Departments of Radiology at Emory, Yale, and Duke Universities. He was recruited as Chair of Radiology at the University of Pittsburgh where he served for 11 years and built one of the most prestigious Divisions of Neuroradiology in the U.S.

During his time in Pittsburgh he worked with Dr. John Caffey and was one of the first pioneers in the not yet existent subspecialty of pediatric neuroradiology. Dr. Heinz contributed significantly to this newly emerging field with numerous peer-reviewed publications that are still referenced in the current literature.

As Division Chief of Neuroradiology at Duke and until his retirement at age 78, Dr. Heinz was the pediatric neuroradiology expert for the university medical center. Dr. Heinz was the recipient of the 2004 ASNR Gold Medal Award and is now the worthy recipient of the 2018 ASPNR Gold Medal Award.

Dr. Heinz has practiced his entire life in the spirit of this award, demonstrating professional and personal excellence, offering outstanding contributions to neuroradiology, and mentoring hundreds.

Susan Palasis M.D.
Past President of the ASPNR
Chair, Gold Medal Committee


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