The journal of Pediatric Radiology just published a comprehensive statement on Abusive Head Trauma (AHT) endorsed by key national and international radiologic and pediatric societies.   This “must read” manuscript features the most current evidence-based medicine pertaining to AHT as well as “significant misconceptions about the diagnosis”.

This critical review includes:

  1. Causes of head injury in infants and children as well as the evolution of AHT terminology.
  2. Presenting features of AHT and how the diagnosis is made.
  3. Unsupported alternate diagnoses being provided in the courtroom, the issues that perpetuate these fallacies, and steps to address this in the courtroom.
  4.  Role of the multidisciplinary child protection team in making the diagnosis.

In this day and age where science is readily dismissed as “fake news” in order to support contrary opinion, it is crucial that this document receives the attention it rightly deserves.  Hence the recommendation, read, digest, repeat!!!!!

David Mirsky MD

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