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September 2020

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

How the world has changed since our last formal communication.  I hope this finds you, your practice, and your family and friends well.

As COVID has disrupted lives, travel, and medical care, the ASPNR has remained strong.  Our finances are healthier than ever, our membership is larger than ever, and the excitement associated with all your efforts is growing and contagious!  As we look to the future for ASPNR, it is hopeful and bright.

3rd Annual Meeting of the ASPNR – “One and Done!”

We are most pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Meeting of the ASPNR, a one day buffet of pediatric neuroradiology education and fun on Saturday, January 9, 2021.  Continuing our tradition of “if it’s January, it’s ASPNR”, we are planning a one day virtual meeting in the middle of winter to meet your needs for knowledge and fellowship.  In this one day, you will get updates on trending topics, lectures by internationally known and respected speakers, and have virtual fun!   For a very competitive registration fee, you will receive the (new) annual minimum of self-assessment CME (SA-CME) in one day.  It will be educational, affordable, and fun, so please plan on joining us on Saturday, January 9, 2021!

Of course, we know how much everyone has enjoyed our in-person meetings the past two years, in New Orleans and Miami.  In the future, we are very hopeful and optimistic that we will resume our in person meetings.  For now, given the uncertainty in future travel possibilities and virus spread, we must protect the assets of ASPNR that you have entrusted to us.  But we will meet again.  In the meantime, we are looking forward to an outstanding virtual meeting with your participation!

ASPNR Programming at the 59th Annual ASNR Meeting

With our own Tina Young Poussaint as the Program Chair and President-Elect of ASNR 2021, that meeting is sure to be an enormously successful meeting as well.  Planned in San Francisco from May 22-27, 2021, the meeting will provide additional pediatric neuroradiology lectures and educational opportunities, in addition to adult neuroradiology as well.  Please plan to join this meeting and renew old friendships while making new ones!

International Pediatric Neuroradiology Teaching Network

Our International Pediatric Neuroradiology Teaching Network has been an enormous success.  Chaired by Dr. Kish Mankad of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, the free weekly Saturday lectures have been a tremendous educational opportunity for people around the world.  With up to 1,000 people joining online every week, the series brought us all together during COVID at a time when it was most needed.  The lecture series will pause after September 26, as we prepare for our January meeting but special thanks are extended to Drs. Kish Mankad, David Mirsky and Jai Sidpra for their organization, all the experts who volunteered to lecture, and all of you for joining online and listening!

Looking Forward

With COVID disrupting our lives and activities, we are taking advantage to update our bylaws and committees, to better serve you and the Society in the coming years.  This is an enormous effort but will serve to strengthen the Society as it has grown in membership and assets in the recent years.  Our transition to a new management services company, with a new membership database to serve you better, has been successfully implemented.  Looking ahead, we are investigating a change to our corporate structure to allow tax-advantaged donations directly to ASPNR.  Your donations will be gratefully accepted!

Finally, we want to sincerely thank all of you for your membership, efforts, and support of ASPNR, our practices, our patients, and each other.  We are eagerly anticipating the day when the world can resume the educational, research, and in-person friendships we so value and treasure.

Hope to see you online on Saturday, January 9, 2021!



Laurence J. Eckel, MD
ASPNR President