Mark and his loving family Christina, Nicholas, and Nathan

Mark Mamlouk, MD
Professional Title: Regional Neuroradiology Lead of The Permanente Medical Group; Assistant Clinical Professor of Radiology – Volunteer
Locale: Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Santa Clara, CA; UCSF (Volunteer)
Fellowship: Neuroradiology
ASPNR member since 2016

ASPNR: What attracted you to pediatric neuroradiology?
Mark Mamlouk: I was introduced to the cutaneous vascular anomalies’ clinic early in my training and that led to a lifelong interest and passion.
Insightful teaching by experienced faculty members combined with the science behind vascular anomalies, the imaging, multi-disciplinary care, direct patient interaction, and the ability to treat children with these anomalies really appealed to me – involvement in the clinic has brought me some of the greatest joys I’ve known as a physician.

ASPNR: Do you have a colleague or mentor that inspired you in your career?
MM: Dr. Eric vanSonnenberg at the University of Arizona was one of my first mentors as a medical student; he introduced me to the field of radiology and inspired me in research. I’ve had had countless additional mentors throughout my training but with respect to pediatric neuroradiology, Dr. Chris Hess and Dr. Jim Barkovich at UCSF were instrumental.

ASPNR: What is the most interesting project you are working on right now?
MM: Studying different etiologies of spinal CSF leaks in children.

ASPNR: Name a recurring daily routine at work that brings you satisfaction.
MM: Communicating with my patients. I correspond with my patients from the cutaneous vascular anomalies clinic and the spinal CSF-leak program and share with them their results and discuss their treatment plans. Being an integral part of their care brings me a lot of gratification.

ASPNR: What words of wisdom would you pass on to your junior attending self?
MM: Explore and continue to take professional chances. There’s no set cookbook pathway to becoming a successful radiologist or finding professional fulfillment. The next big discovery or opportunity may be right in front of you. Stay open-minded.

ASPNR: How have you stayed sane during the pandemic?
MM: Miles and miles of running and my kids keep me grounded.

ASPNR: Any big news items in your life so far in 2022?
MM: I was just elected Treasurer of the ASPNR; I look forward to digging in!

ASPNR: Name something people would be surprised to know about you.
MM: I grew up in Arizona but can’t stand temperatures above 75 degrees.

ASPNR: Do you plan on attending the 5th Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASPNR in New Orleans in January 2023?
MM: Most definitely!