1. Pairing the Rare and Complex: Leukodystrophies and Neurometabolic Disorders

a. Imaging Approach to Leukodystrophies and Neurometabolic Disorders – Bruno Soares, MD
b. Imaging of Mitochondrial Disorders – Arastoo Vossough, PhD, MD
c. Imaging of “Common” Leukodystrophies – Paul Caruso, MD
d. What’s New in Leukodystrophies? – Edward Yang, MD, PhD

2. Bridging Practices: Pediatric Neuroimaging for the Adult Neuroradiologist – SAM Session

a. Imaging of Craniofacial Malformations – Susan Blaser, MD
b. Imaging Approach to Abusive Head Trauma – V. Michelle Silvera, MD
c. Presurgical Mapping in Children – James L. Leach, MD
d. Imaging of Conductive Hearing Loss in Children – Timothy Booth, MD

3. Connecting to the Very Young: Neuroimaging of the Neonate (Joint ESNR-ASPNR session)

a. Imaging of Neonatal HIE in the Era of Hypothermic Cooling – Birgit Ertl-Wagner, MD
b. Mimickers of HIE – Thierry Huisman, MD (Texas Children’s Hospital)
c. Congenital Infections in the Neonate and their Mimickers – Chen Hoffman, MD

4. Annual Interesting Pediatric Case Session

Moderators: Erin S. Schwartz, MD – Hollie Lai, MD
Alexis Maddocks, MD – Shehanaz Ellika, MD – Hisham Dahmoush, MD – Nicholas Stence, MD