ASPNR 3rd Annual Meeting: Chatbox Top Hits


Chatbox Top Hits

  • Happy ASPNR Day!
  • Does a Glamour shot come with membership?
  • Ah ASPNR 2022- can’t wait! #takemeoutoflondon
  • Fiery and smoking hot case session!
  • From Dr. James A. Barkovich: “This is the best overview of COV-19 that I have received. Thank you very much!”
  • Brilliant multispecialty session capped off with fantastic and humorous talk by Dr Smith.
  • I’m all caffeinated up, ready to rumble in the Trivia game! Bring it on David Mirsky!
  • Its 2:15 am Saudi Arabia
  • Get the beers out- 2 sips for every wrong answer, one for every right
  • I call for a recount
  • #2 aint bad @NickStence— I’ll buy you a coffee xo
  • Cracking conference, congrats!!
  • Great day! Thanks for the SACME. Superfun. See you in person next year 🙂

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