We sincerely thank our sponsors for their generosity in supporting the 4th Annual American Society of Pediatric Neuroradiology (ASPNR) Meeting, which will be held at the Eden Roc Miami Beach on January 7-9, 2022 in Miami Beach, Florida!

Thank you for your engagement in promoting  excellence in the neuroimaging care of children!

Platinum Level 

Image result for Bracco Diagnostics Bracco Bracco Diagnostics will partner with the ASPNR for their upcoming meeting in Miami. They are an independent player specialized in the Diagnostic Imaging Business.  They have a successful track record in the development of clinically important products and related services to support clinical professionals to optimize diagnostic procedures. More Information

Gold Level 

Silver Level 

Nordic Neuro Lab NordicNeuroLab applies world leading competence and two decades of experience to provide professional solutions for diagnostic imaging, enabling improved patient care and clinical efficiency. We are proud to partner with ASPNR in our effort to advance the pediatric imaging care. More Information
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 Psychology Software Tools

Psychology Software Tools makes products designed for the research community, by the research community. Our products for researchers are designed, developed, and tested by researchers who know the importance of data accuracy and integrity.  We are thrilled to be a partner of ASPNR22.  

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RedRick  Technologies

RedRick Technologies  is a proud supporter of the ASPNR. RedRick Technologies designs and develops ergonomic radiology reading room furniture, monitor mounting solutions, workstation accessories, and peripherals and provides design services that help organizations implement ergonomic principles for improved reading room space design, layout, environmental control, lighting, and acoustics. More Information


Sectra is thrilled to support ASPNR at it’s upcoming meeting. Driven by knowledge and passion, our vision is to contribute to a healthier and safer society. Sectra successfully develops and sells cutting-edge solutions in the expanding niche segments of medical IT and cybersecurity—a combination that makes us unique. More Information

Bronze Level

NOUS Imaging NOUS Imaging is a transformational medical imaging software company developing unique solutions in the MR space. The NOUS mission is to deliver cost-effective imaging enhancements, establish next-generation data analytics, and create a new patient-centric experience in the MR suite.  We are thrilled to partner with the ASPNR for the 2022 meeting. More Information


Mayo Clinic The Mayo Clinic is one of the largest not-for -profit academic health systems in the USA with a focus on  caring for patients with serious, complex illnesses. The Mayo Clinic operates in five states and cares for more than one million people a year, from all 50 states and nearly 140 countries. Mayo Clinic is ranked #1 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. More Information