Annual Meeting of the American Society of Pediatric Neuroradiology
“Vision, Innovation and Perspective”
Eden Roc Miami Beach
Miami Beach, FL
January 10 - 12, 2020
Abstract Submission Guidelines
This document describes the requirements for preparing abstracts for the 2
ASPNR Annual Meeting. These guidelines,
requirements, and clarifications have been developed to facilitate the preparation and delivery of quality presentations
and/or posters to further enhance the learning experience of meeting attendees. The abstract submission site will open on
August 7, 2019 and close at 11:59 EST on September 23, 2019. Notifications of acceptance will be sent via email in
the first week of November 2019. The link to the submission site will be posted on the meeting webpage at:
Submission Categories
Oral Scientific Papers: 5-minute presentation
Scientific Posters: size: 4’ x 4’ (120 cm. x 120 cm.)
Educational Exhibit Posters: size: 4’ x 4’(120 cm. x
120 cm.)
General Guidelines
1. Please indicate the abstract category with your
submission. Given the limited program capacity for oral
scientific papers, during submission in this category, you
will be asked if you are willing to present a scientific
poster if your submission is not accepted for an oral
scientific presentation.
2. Published or previously presented works will not be
considered and should not be submitted.
3. Presenters of accepted abstracts are required to
register for the ASPNR annual meeting.
4. Format abstract text using headings required for each
submission category.
5. Maximum submission word count is 300 words,
excluding the abstract title and author’s list.
6. One graphic file containing a maximum of four
images may accompany each abstract. These can be
uploaded at the time of abstract submission. The graphic
file formats allowed are .jpg and .gif. Image resolution is
300 dpi or higher and at least 3 inches wide. Maximum
file size is 30 MB.
7. Changes may be made to abstracts until the abstract
submission deadline.
8. Any of the authors’ relevant grant support,
commercial support, or other potential financial conflicts
of interest related to the presented material must be
Abstract Preparation Guidelines
Oral Scientific Papers and Scientific Posters should
summarize details of original investigative research. The
abstracts will be formatted as below:
Purpose: State your reasons for conducting the
Methods and Materials: Outline the methods of
investigation that were employed.
Results: Present the synopsis of your findings.
Conclusions: Summarize the most pertinent
conclusions drawn from your results.
References: 1 to 3 pertinent references.
Educational Exhibit Posters are analogous to review
articles or pictorial essays and should further the
understanding of pediatric neuroradiology by featuring
new educational material or by offering an instructional
review of a relevant topic. The abstract should
summarize the planned presentation and list of
educational objectives. The abstract format includes:
Objective(s): State the educational goal(s).
Learning Points: List key learning points
and/or cases that will be illustrated.
Discussion: Summarize “take home” points.
References: 1 to 3 pertinent references.
Special note regarding posters: You are responsible
for bringing your approved-for-presentation poster to the
meeting and taking your poster home with you. The
ASPNR is not responsible for any posters left behind
after the meeting concludes on January 12, 2020.