ASPNR 2024 Medical Student Travel Award

To enable qualified medical students to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASPNR to enhance a trainee’s exposure to the field of pediatric neuroradiology

This grant provides a stipend of up to $500 USD to a qualified student to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASPNR (mid-January)


  • The stipend is open to qualified North American and International medical students who demonstrate interest in the field of Pediatric Neuroradiology, Neuroradiology, or Pediatric Radiology
  • Eligible applicants shall be currently enrolled medical students
  • Eligible Applicants must complete the online application form, and submit the following documentation:

                a) Current up-to-date professional curriculum vitae

                b) Letter of recommendation from the Eligible Applicant’s professional mentor

                c) One-page statement of career goals

                d) Submission of online application

  • Eligible Applicants must be a member of the ASPNR in good standing 
  • The applicant is encouraged to submit an abstract (oral or poster) to the meeting. This is not a requirement but will be taken into consideration during the selection


  • The Stipend Amount that is awarded to the successful Eligible Applicant shall only be applied toward reimbursement of travel expenses directly related to the successful eligible applicant’s attendance at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASPNR during the year for which the Stipend is awarded.
  • To receive the stipend, the successful eligible applicant must attend the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASPNR in the year for which the stipend is awarded. If the successful Eligible Applicant incurs travel expenses but does not attend the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASPNR, those incurred expenses will not be considered eligible travel expenses and they will not be reimbursed
    • The funds may be given to another eligible student or if none, then used for applicants in the following year                                                              
  • If the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASPNR is canceled or held virtually in a year for which a successful Eligible Applicant was awarded the Scholarship Amount, the successful Eligible Applicant for that year shall be permitted to use the stipend amount the next year that the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASPNR is held in person and not virtually
  • If more grants are available than students attending the meeting, the grants will be awarded the following year


Please prepare the following and submit in the online application form:

  • One-page statement of career goals
  • Current professional curriculum vitae
  • Letter of recommendation from your professional mentor


  • Complete applications are due September 11th the year before the annual meeting
  • Applications will be reviewed by the ASPNR Awards and Stipends committee upon receipt and a decision will be made before the annual meeting