ASPNR Derek Harwood-Nash Award




Dr. Derek Harwood-Nas

The  Derek Harwood-Nash Award is given to the most outstanding pediatric neuroradiology paper, poster or electronic exhibit presented at the ASNR Annual Meeting.  The recipient receives a $1,000 award and a certificate from the ASNR.

Here we list our honored award recipients.

2020 S. Dakil
University of Texas Southwestern and Children’s Health, Dallas, TX
Incidence and Clinical Predictors of Intracranial Hemorrhage in Children with Non-Accidental Trauma

2019 Shiva Shahrampour
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
Development of a Standardized Normative Pediatric Spinal Cord Structural Template: Demonstration of an Automatic Estimation of Spinal Cord Cross Sectional Area Measurements (SCCSA)

2018 Dr. Matthew Barkovich
University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Segmentation of Pediatric Hindbrain at 7 Tesla: First Steps Toward Developing a Hindbrain Atlas

2017 Dr. Jeffrey I. Berman, PhD
Children’s Hospital of Phildelphia, Phildelphia, PA
Diffusion MR of the Auditory Pathway from Brainstem to Cortex and its Correlation with Conduction Velocity in Autism Spectrum Disorder

2016 Dr. Paul A. Caruso
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
PAPER: 69: P Caruso, S Rincon, S Murphey, A Duhaime
The Effect of Early MRI in the Management of Children with Head Injury Requiring Admission to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

2015 Dr. Angelika Hoffman
University Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany
PAPER 107: A Hoffmann, J Pfeil, J Alfonso, S Heiland, H Monyer, X Helluy, M Bendszus, M Pham
In-Vivo Detection of Brain Infiltration by Experimental Cerebral Malaria Using High Field MRI

2014 Dr. Azad Ghassemi
Sutter Medical Group, Sacramento, California
PAPER 455: A Ghassemi, M Chez, SCiricillo, A Krishnan
MR Guided LASER Ablation of Non-Lesional Epileptic Foci in Pediatric Patients Utilizing Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Scan and EEG

2013 Dr. Marc Braun
CHU Nancy Hospital, Nancy, France
Paper 527R Tonnelet, M. Lhuaire, M.Labrousse, M Braun
Human Embryonic Serial Anatomy: Bulbar and Pontine Venous System in Relation with the Lower Cranial Nerves

2012 Dr. Nadia Barakat
Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Paper #: 181: N Barakat, F Mohamed, L Hunter, P Shah, S Faro, A Samdani, J Finsterbusch, R Betz, J Gaughan, M Mulcahey
Diffusion Tensor Imaging for the Normal Pediatric Spinal Cord Using Inner0Field-of-View EPI Sequence

2011 Dr. Christian Mitter
Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Paper 575: V Schopf, G Kasprian, C Mitter, P.C. Brugger, D Prayer
Resting State Functional MR Imaging of the Fetal Brain

2010 Dr. Elysa Widjaja
Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
POSTER 169: G.N. Simao, C.A. Raybaud, S Chuang, C. Go, O.C. Snead, E Widjaja
Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Commissural and Projection White Matter in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and Correlation with Tuber Load

2009 Dr. James M. Kofler, Ph.D
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
PAPER 336: J.M. Mossis, D.R. DeLone, L Yu, S Leng, J.M. Kofler, C.H. McCollough
Radiation Dose Reduction and Protocol Optimization for Pediatric Head and Sinus CT Using a Novel Low-Dose Simulation Tool

2008 Dr. Christopher T. Whitlow Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC
PAPER 185: C.T. Whitlow, J.M. Pollock, R.A. Kraft, B.J. Mussat-Whitlow, H Tan, J.H. Burdette, J.A. Maldjian
Changes in Global Rates of Cerebral Perfusion Associated with Normal Development as Measured with MR Arterial Spin Labeling

2007 Dr. P. Ellen Grant
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
PAPER 209:  P.E. Grant, K.S. Krishnamoorthy, S Barnett, E Warren, M Franeschini
Alterations in Regional Oxygen Saturation (StO2) and Cerebral Blood Volume in NICU Babies

2006 Dr. James P. Eaton
Trippler Army Medical Center, Trippler AMC, HI
PAPER 16:  J.P. Eaton, V.J. Rooks, G Petermann
Incidence and Evolution of Intracranial Hemorrhage in Asymptomatic Full-Term Infants Using MR Imaging and Ultrasound Examination

2005 Dr. Phillippe P. Maeder
Centre HospitalierUniversitaire Vaudois, Lausanne, Switzerland
PAPER 435: P.P. Maeder, E Fornari, M.G. Knyazeva, R Martuzzi, R.A. Meuli
Development of Visual Spatial Integration in Children: A Combined Functional MR Imaging/Magnetization Transfer Imaging Study

2004 Dr. A.J. Robinson
Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON< Canada
PAPER 39: A.J. Robinson, S Blaser, A Toi, D Chitayat, G Ryan, S Pantazi, S Gundogan, S Laughlin
MR Imaging of the Fetal Cerebellar Vermis In Utero: Criteria for Abnormal Development, with Ultrasonographic and Clinicopathologic Correlation

2003 Dr. Paul D. Griffiths
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
PAPER 30:  P.D. Griffiths, E.H. Whitby, I.D. Wilkinson, M.N.J. Paley
Changes in Ethical Issues Based on Evolving Experience of In Utero MR Imaging for Fetal CNS Abnormalities

2002 Dr. Karen A. Tong
Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda, CA
PAPER 305: K.A. Tong, S Ashwal. B.A. Holshouser, L Shutter, G Herigault, D Kido, E Haacke
Improved Detection of Hemorrhagic Shearing Injuries in Children with Posttraumatic Diffuse Axonal Injury Using Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging: Correlation with Severity and Outcome

2001 Dr. D.B. Vigneron
University of California, San Francisco, CA
PAPER 26: D.B. Vigneron, A.J. Barkovich, R.G. Henry, S.M. Noworolski, S Miller, M.A. Bohland, Y Lu, L Carvajal, J.C. Partridge, D Ferriero
3D MR Spectroscopic Imaging of the Neonatal Brain

2000 Dr. Eric M. Martin
Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC
PAPER: 204: E.M. Martin, J.H. Burdette, A.D. Elster
Diffusion-Weighted Imaging of Protein Solutions at 1.5 T – Dependence of the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Upon Protein Concentration