About the ASPNR

The ASPNR was founded in 1992. The objective and purpose of the ASPNR is to develop, foster, and support the care of pediatric patients undergoing neuroradiologic imaging examinations and procedures. The ASPNR aims to maintain the highest standard of practice, research and education in pediatric neuroradiology, which is an area of specialization in the broader field of neuroradiology. Members of the ASPNR enjoy a culture of close fellowship and collegiality that provides a platform for exchange of ideas and dissemination of knowledge between pediatric neuroradiologists and kindred pediatric and/or neuroscience physicians, surgeons and scientists.

Close collaboration is maintained between the ASPNR and other societies and associations in radiology, neuroradiology, pediatrics and related neurosciences. As a result, scientific programming in related societies includes the dissemination of knowledge and expertise by members of ASPNR in the form of presentations of scientific papers, lectures, discussions, and fora.