4th Annual Meeting: ASPNR Meeting Abstract Awards

Scientific Oral Abstract Awards and Scientific and Educational Poster Awards

We are pleased to announce the Award recipients for Best Oral Scientific Abstract, Best Scientific and Educational Posters, and Cum Laude Awards for Scientific and Educational Posters at the 4th Annual ASPNR Meeting in Miami Beach, FL, January 07-09, 2022.


Best Oral Presentation went to Dr. Matthew Whitehead on behalf of The International Dandy-Walker Malformation Consortium for their work on The Modern Dandy-Walker Malformation Phenotype.
Authors: Matthew Whitehead, Matthew Barkovich, Jai Sidpra, David Mirsky, Cesar Alves, Ozgur Oztekin, Sniya Sudhakar, Kimberly Aldinger, Debarata Bhattacharya, Ajay Taranath, Sanjay Prabhu, Leandro Lucato, Kathy Millen, Savaas Andronikou, Parthiv Haldipur, Nihaal Reddy, James Barkovich, Eugen Boltshauser, William Dobyns, Kish Mankad.


Best Scientific Poster went to Dr. Asthik Biswas et al. from SickKids Hospital for their work on Spinal cord and medullary infarction due to E. coli meningitis in neonates: experience from a Canadian tertiary hospital.
Authors: Asthik Biswas, Susan Blaser, Estelle Gauda, Kyong Soon-Lee, Ari Bitnun, Helen Branson


Best Educational Poster went to Dr. Pascale Aouad from Northwestern Medicine for her work on “Coup d’œil” on pediatric ocular globe pathologies.


Cum Laude Scientific Posters (in no particular order):
Spine MRI Findings in Suspected Non-Accidental Trauma: A Retrospective Study
Authors: Khalid Al-Dasuqi, Moayad Homssi, Nadia Solomon, Andrea Asnes, John Leventhal, Ajay Malhotra
Institution: Yale Medicine


Pediatric Mog-Associated Disease: Imaging Features At Presentation And Relapse
Authors: Elizabeth George, Camilla Lindan, Orit Glenn, Heather Early, Mark Mamlouk, Jeffrey Russ, Alexandria Validrighi, Carla Francisco, Yi Li
Institution: University of California, San Francisco

Neuroradiological Findings In Children With Genetic Variants In Kif11
Authors: Brandon Richter, Subramanian Subramanian, Charlotte Skinner, Christine Munro, Deepa Rajan, Alexis Franks
Institution: University of Pittsburgh

Topography of age-related normative changes of diffusion magnetic imaging metrics in neonatal brains
Authors: Pratheek Bobba Clara Weber, Adrian Mak, Ajay Malhotra, Kevin Sheth, Sarah Taylor, Arastoo Vossough, Ellen Grant, Todd Constable, Laura Ment, Sam Payabvash
Institution: Yale Medicine, CHOP, Boston Children’s

Cum Laude Educational Posters (in no particular order):
Imaging of Pediatric Skull Base Lesions
Authors: Spencer Dyer, Asra Nayab, Peter Kalina
Institution: Mayo Clinic

The Big Brain Theory: A Review of Overgrowth Syndromes for the Neuroradiologist
Authors: Devanshi Mistry, Sankarsh Jetty, Thomas Marini, Shehanaz Ellika
Institution: University of Rochester

2021 WHO CNS Tumor Classification: What pediatric neuroradiologists should know
Authors: Steven Edelman, Sheng-Che Hung, Carlos Zamora, Mauricio Castillo
Institution: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I’m All Ears: Congenital and acquired causes of conductive hearing loss in children
Authors: Diana Lopez Garcia, William O’ Brien, Bernadette Koch
Institution: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital