Julie Guerin, MD

Julie and her loving family John, Georgie, Charlie and Paloma

Julie Guerin, MD
Professional Title: Assistant Professor of Radiology and Neuroradiology Fellowship Program Director
Locale: Mayo Clinic Rochester, Rochester, MN
Fellowships: Neuroradiology (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN) Pediatric Neuroradiology (Cincinnati CHildren's Hospital Medical Center)
ASPNR member since 2017

ASPNR: What attracted you to pediatric neuroradiology?
Julie Guerin (JG): I fell in love with neuroscience early on and entered medical school wanting to be a neuroradiologist. My second passion for pediatric imaging was ignited later, during my first pediatric radiology rotation. I was drawn to the complexity and breadth of pathology in neuroradiology, and that increased tenfold in pediatric neuroradiology. I was also a new mom and the importance of making a difference in the lives of children became my ‘north star’. Blending the neuro and pediatric worlds was the perfect solution.

ASPNR: Do you have a colleague or mentor that inspired you in your career?
My husband John, my parents and siblings are my main encouragers. Both parents showed by example that you can reinvent yourself. Dr. Burton Pierson at UT Austin was one of the most dedicated teachers I’ve ever known and taught us how to be great learners. All of the neuro attendings at Mayo and CCHMC were influential for me. Dr. Alice Patton at Mayo solidified my decision to pursue this field. And these days, I am so fortunate to work with Dr. Michelle Silvera and Dr. Larry Eckel, enjoying their guidance and friendship on a daily basis. They share the great attributes of constantly striving for excellence and never missing an opportunity to laugh.

ASPNR: Name one or two things people would be surprised to know about you.
JG: I grew up oriented in the creative arts: ballet studies, theater, choir, writing. In my first round of undergrad studies, I was a creative writing major. There was also a period in my early 20’s when I directed my own art gallery in downtown Austin, Texas. I met my husband during this time who had his own art gallery two blocks away. Now 20 years later we have recently opened an art gallery and vintage guitar shop in downtown Rochester. We’ve come full circle!

ASPNR: Are there ways in which your background in art influences your approach to medicine or teaching?
JG: Radiology is a visual field, of course, and I love creating aesthetically rich learning tools for trainees. We also have a fantastic art collection at Mayo; something we encourage trainees to take the time to appreciate. In fact, we took our fellows on a Mayo art tour this past year. It is truly good for the soul to have great art around you.

ASPNR: What are the best parts of your job?
JG: Digging into interesting cases alongside colleagues and trainees who share this passion. The collaboration and added value gained from weekly peds neuro multidisciplinary conferences. Being actively involved with education, in the reading room and in an organizational role. I’m currently the program director for the neuroradiology fellowship and also involved in resident education and I love it. Being their advocate and designing curriculum to provide the best learning experience is very rewarding.  

ASPNR: What was your childhood dream job?
JG: I wanted to be a fiction novelist. Some might say I’m living that dream by dictating the occasional novel- but don’t worry, I’m sticking with nonfiction in the reading room (ideally).

ASPNR: What for you was the highlight of the ASPNR 2024 meeting in San Diego? Will you be attending the Annual ASPNR Scientific Meeting in Austin in January 2025?
JG: Connecting with friends in person and meeting new people! The ASPNR gameshow is always a blast and a hilarious memory for me this year was (attempting) to illustrate for the Pictionary category. I was also thrilled with our inaugural art exhibit- so inspiring to see the creations of our multitalented colleagues.  

I will most certainly be in Austin-my old stomping ground-for the 2025 Annual Meeting. Wouldn’t miss it!