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2022 ASPNR · Guerbert Research Grant

It is with great pleasure to announce the success of our 2022 ASPNR Guerbet Research Grant Award! We had over 23 participants from around the world, including U.S., Canada, Chile, Brazil, United Kingdom, and Germany with many innovative proposals at the forefront of technical advances and clinical research in pediatric neuroradiology.

Sample topics include 4D vascular flow, radiomics, proteomics/metabolomics, 7T MRI, 3D printing, ferumoxytol-MRI, immune-molecular imaging, ASL perfusion, resting state fMRI, and other cutting-edge, translational proposals that tackle neonatal brain, stroke, epilepsy, tumors, trauma, congenital anomalies, metabolic diseases, and many more. We appreciate the hard work led by our expert grant committee team and look forward to announcing the award recipient at the upcoming ASPNR 2022 Annual meeting in Miami Beach. ASPNR is committed to innovation and research in neuroimaging and childhood neurological diseases and excited to support talented members of the ASPNR community. Stay tuned for future updates of the ASPNR Guerbet Research Grant Award!

Best regards,

Kristen Yeom
ASPNR Grant Committee Chair

Aashim Bhatia
ASPNR Research/Education Chair

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