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Three cheers to our first ever and hopefully a “One and Done” AMAZING Virtual Experience at the 3rd Annual ASPNR Meeting on January 9, 2021.
The meeting was held in cyberspace — courtesy of COVID-19 — not boring, but fun, energetic, educational, and engaging. The meeting was a Smash Hit!

The 1-day event drew 741 registrants from 51 countries around the globe. Physicians from all continents were represented, save Antarctica. Attendees remained engaged for 9 hours at their desktops, following lectures, asking questions, filling the chat box with informative and humorous comments (see top chatbox hits HERE), and competing in our Rapid-Fire sessions and Gameshow Finale.

Meeting highlights included fantastic lectures from leaders in the field and Legendary Greats on a broad array of fundamental and trending pediatric neuroradiology topics such as facial clefting, spinal dysraphsism, hypothalamic disorders, pediatric epilepsy, arteriovenous malformations, the new 2021 WHO Brain Tumor Classification, the new PETITE Pediatric Stroke Trial, RAPNO, and multidisciplinary discussions on  COVID-19 CNS Manifestations in Children and Moya Moya Disease.


We are so appreciative of our Moderators, that stewarded the program sessions, introduced speakers, poised insightful questions, and kept the sessions moving along with a wink and a smile. They even added to our gained knowledge. Who knew that BATS suffered from facial clefting?!?

The audience was up for a match of wits with the ever-popular and engaging Rapid Fire Sessions, where audience participants tested their diagnostic acumen and let their competitive juices flow.

Dr. Francisco Perez from Seattle Children’s, Seattle, Washington raced to the lead for 1st place and was closely followed by Dr. Raphael Levy from Necker Hospital, Paris, France who landed in 2nd place, and Dr. Andrea Rossi from the Gaslini Institute, Genoa, Italy who took 3rd—it was a great show! Thanks to all the Rapid Fire presenters- Great Job!

Of course, we cannot thank your Corporate Partners enough! They enthusiastically rallied to support  the meeting and our community. Without our Corporate Partners, these meetings would not be possible. Please click HERE to learn more about our partnerships.

Registrants entered the Virtual Exhibit Hall to learn more about our Exhibitors and try their luck in the Exhibitor’s Raffle for a chance to win Beats Noise-cancelling Headphones. 

The Raffle winners were: Dr. Shaymaa Mohammed from Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Damien Grattan Smith, and Dr. Karl Soderland from Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Portsmouth, Virginia.

The meeting concluded with a super fun Gameshow “Name that Syndrome” hosted by Dr. David Mirsky. The leaderboard was exciting to follow – like watching the Kentucky Derby! Diagnostic acumen, quick thinking, and fast-clicking index fingers yielded several competitors vying for first place. Ultimately, Dr. Ashtik Biswas from SickKids, Toronto, Canada took 1st prize and the $1,000 prize money. Dr. Nick Stence from Colorado Children’s, Aurora, Colorado came in 2nd and Dr. Stephen Little from Vanderbilt Children’s, Nashville, Tennessee placed 3rd. And with that, the meeting concluded with a cheer!


It was evident to all that attended the meeting that the ASPNR and the international pediatric neuroradiology community are committed to excellence, engaged, vibrant, and energized. Importantly, it was clear that friendship and kinship know no borders and the desire to learn, self-improve and practice at the top of one’s game are common goals that bind.

Enthusiastic comments captured the spirit of the event:

• “And just like that we are #oneanddone with a fantastic ASPNR 2021 conference. Thank you!”
• “One and Done just finished, it was an amazing and funny learning experience, thanks to the organizers and all the speakers: great, great job!”
• “Grateful to have been at #ASPNR21! Amazing location, happy to see old friends and make new ones too, and always humble by all there is to know in pediatric radiology!”
• “Great meeting! For a virtual event, the experience was off the charts!”
• “Best topics, best speakers, best organizer, all fit nicely into 1 day”
• “Thank you ASPNR for inspiring talks – as a trainee, it was brilliant to be able to attend this year”
• “Fantastic job! Being in person is the only thing that could have made it better!”

We have tremendous gratitude for our brilliant speakers who without hesitation, immediately said YES to the invitation to speak. Many thanks to the entire Organizing Committee, Dr. Michelle Silvera, the Program Chair for the 3rd Annual Meeting, NWIF, our hardworking meeting organizers, and all our friends and colleagues from around the world who tuned in on a wintery day for a day of excellence in learning and global fellowship!

ASPNR Florida 2022 can’t come soon enough!

For more photos of the day, click HERE.

January 16, 2021

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