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On May 20th 2019, during the ASNR conference in Boston, ASPNR members, friends, and supporters enjoyed the first ever promotional Fundraiser for the ASPNR.  Revved up by the success of the first ever ASPNR meeting in New Orleans last January 2019, Paul Caruso from the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children in Boston organized the event as an after-conference fundraiser to benefit the new ASPNR meetings. What started as an informal musing between Paul and cohosts Michelle Silvera and Susan Palasis late one night during the NOLA meeting back in January, steadily gained momentum over the next few months as more and more support emerged from local New England companies who felt a connection to the mission of the ASPNR.

Steven FAVREAU, a local Boston interior designer, and partner Dennis WYRZKOWSKI got things rolling by donating their one-of-a-kind 11,000 square-foot design studio to the fundraiser. This generous offer was quickly followed by sponsorships from Berkshire Mountain DistillersBoston’s Cava CateringNew Hampshire’s Tiffany’s Bagel Café, and Rhode Island’s DJ Pauly that lent the event a distinctively local New England flavor and that naturally gave rise to the name New-England-Loves-the-ASPNR Promotional Party.  Local branches of global industry leaders E4H Architecture-Environments for Health and Guerbet contributed their support and Dr. Bob Barr, the ASNR Program Chair helped spread the word.

Fueled by all this good will the fundraiser could not help but be a success. On the evening of May 20th, some 220 guests walked into a kaleidoscopic luxurious space where butterfly chandeliers and bronze palm trees hold court with Greco-Roman statuary and hedgehog handbags. Welcomed by the sounds of harp strings, rocked by dance music, and treated to delicious food and signature cocktails, guests enjoyed an upbeat evening that brought us together to relax, to socialize, and to foster the sense of community that, along with great education and intellectual content, is one of the missions of the ASPNR meetings.  With tremendous gratitude to Paul Caruso, Paul’s partner Andre Silvestre, our sponsors, and with special thanks to all the ASPNR members and supporters who made the party so wonderful, we now turn to Miami 2020!


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