V. Michelle Silvera and Robert Heist Educational Travel Award

Educational Travel Award for Diagnostic Radiology Residents and Neuroradiology Fellows


The purpose of the travel award is to provide financial support up to US$ 2,000 to a RESIDENT in diagnostic radiology or FELLOW in neuroradiology to attend the 6th Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASPNR in San Diego, CA in January 2024. This award is designed to enhance the trainee's exposure to the field of pediatric neuroradiology and to support a trainee who has an accepted scientific or educational abstract for the ASPNR meeting.

The travel award provides funding to cover eligible travel expenses for the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASPNR, which includes the following:

  • Tickets for travel via airplane, train, or bus;
  • Ground transportation including taxi, train, subway, rideshare, car rental; parking, and gasoline based on applicable IRS standard mileage rates;
  • Hotel or apartment rental up to $450 per day; 
  • ASPNR meeting registration at the member-in-training rate;
  • Food and beverage expenses up to $100 per day;
  • Alcohol expenses are not reimbursable.

The eligible applicant for the educational travel award must be a diagnostic radiology resident or a neuroradiology fellow who is the first author of a scientific or educational abstract accepted for presentation at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASPNR. The applicant must be a member in training of the ASPNR in good standing. The award is open to qualified North American and International applicants.

To apply for the travel award, eligible applicants must complete the online application form, and submit the following documentation:

  • a current professional curriculum vitae
  • a letter of support from their professional mentor
  • a one-page statement of career goals to the ASPNR
  • All required documents must be uploaded to the provided link. The application deadline was September 11, 2023

The funding amount will be reimbursed only for qualifying travel expenses directly related to the applicant's attendance at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASPNR for which the funding is awarded. All itemized receipts must be submitted to and received by the ASPNR within 60 days of the last day of the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASPNR. Successful eligible applicants must attend the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASPNR for which the travel award is awarded to receive reimbursement for eligible travel expenses. If the ASPNR meeting is canceled or held virtually in the year an applicant was awarded funding, the applicant shall be permitted to use travel funds for the next year that the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASPNR is held in person.

Applications for the travel award were due on September 11, 2023. The ASPNR Awards Committee will review the applications upon receipt and notify the award recipient by email in November 2023. The application for the 2025 Annual Meeting will be available in August 2024.