Advanced Neuroimaging Workshop: Pediatric fMRI

ASPNR is excited to offer an Advanced Neuroimaging Workshop on Pediatric fMRI in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.

This workshop will offer a didactic review of the performance and nuances of clinical task-based fMRI in children by experts in this area. Step-by-step instruction on data post-processing will be provided. Preceptors will offer close oversight and individual instruction as needed. Lunch will be provided and at the end of the hands-on session, registrants will have the opportunity to orient on a variety of vendor products.

The target audience for this workshop is pediatric and general neuroradiologists, neuroradiology fellows, pediatric radiologists interested in fMRI, cognitive neuroscientists, and MR technologists. The workshop is intended for those with beginner to intermediate-level fMRI experience.

Educational objectives for the workshop attendees are:

  • Understand the basics of BOLD imaging and fMRI design
  • Review of eloquent motor and language cortical anatomy
  • Learn pre-processing steps of BOLD fMRI data
  • Be able to identify common artifacts and pitfalls in fMRI processing
  • Understand the unique aspects of fMRI in children
  • Learn what is involved in setting up a clinical fMRI service
  • Gain insight into the concepts of realignment/coregistration, spatial normalization, and smoothing
  • Review post-processing strategies

The vendor post-processing software can be downloaded on personal laptops in advance with a limited-time free user's license. Downloading instructions will be sent ahead of the workshop specific to PC or Mac users. Installation instructions to Mac users for Boot Camp Installer will be sent in order to run the post-processing program in Windows. A minimum of 4G of RAM and 10G of hard disk space on laptops is required. Desktop computers will also be available during the workshop to ensure hands-on practice.

We have limited capacity for this workshop – registration will open on July 10, 2023.

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