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ASPNR Spring Member Mailing 2022 from V. Michelle Silvera MD


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Greetings from the ASPNR, spring is in the air! This President’s Report comes with excellent news. As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the ASPNR is strong, our membership is growing, our finances are solid, and we are as active as ever.

Successful Accomplishments

“If it’s January, it’s ASPNR!”

ASPNR’s 4th Annual Meeting took place on January 7-9, 2022 at the Eden Roc/Nobu Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida; it was in-person and a smashing success! COVID-19 precautions were taken, and all were delighted to return to live lectures and in-person socializing.

As expected, the ASPNR delivered best-in-class lectures on various topics of pediatric neuroradiology from top North American and International experts. All topics were presented in a fun, educational format against a background of sun, sand, and fellowship. Participants were thrilled and the feedback was terrific. As one attendee put it: ”That meeting was amazing. I also learned a valuable lesson for myself- if you can show up live, it is well worth the effort”. We thank the 2022 Program Committee for a successful execution of this meeting!

If you missed the 2022 Miami meeting, the 2.5 days of recorded meeting lectures and up to 15 SA-CMEs credits are now available to you on ASPNR22 MEETING LECTURES ON DEMAND. To access or register for this content, please click HERE.

2022 Meeting Awards for best oral presentation, best scientific poster, and best educational poster went to Dr. Matthew Whitehead, Dr. Asthik Biswas, and Dr. Pascale Aouad and collaborators, respectively. Congratulations!

2022 Meeting Cum Laude Awards were awarded for exceptional scientific and educational meeting abstracts. To see our worthy recipients, please click HERE.

2022 Scientific and Educational Meeting Abstracts are viewable on our ASPNR22 On-Demand Meeting Webpage. To view 2022 exhibits, please click HERE.

Many thanks to ASPNR’s Awards and Abstracts Committee for directing these efforts!

The 2022 Gold Medal Award was awarded at ASPNR22 to our valued ASPNR member, Dr. P. Ellen Grant from Boston Children’s Hospital. Ellen was recognized for her invaluable, lifelong contributions to pediatric neuroradiology. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Grant! We also appreciate ASPNR’s Gold Medal Committee for their efforts on this initiative.


Late 2021 saw the launch of a new ASPNR initiative: our Holiday Webinar offering. This consisted of 4 lectures dedicated to a single topic, this past year Fetal Imaging. We thank our gracious speakers, Dr. Usha Nagaraj, Dr. Stacy Goergen, Dr. Amy Mehollin-Ray and Dr. Darren Orbach for sharing their expertise so generously with us and we thank our moderators, Dr. Gabrielle Colleran, and Dr. Carolina Guimaraes for expertly facilitating the sessions.


Each year the ASPNR and ESNR collaborate in joint pediatric neuroradiology programming at annual meetings. The 44th ESNR Meeting ● Virtual featured 2 representatives from the ASPNR: Dr. Orit Glenn and Dr. Usha Nagaraj. We thank our speakers for their efforts on the Society’s behalf. To view the programming for the ASPNR-ESNR pediatric neuroradiology session, please click HERE


The 2022 ASPNR – Guerbet Research Grant was generously supported by Guerbet LLC and offered $25,000 in support of the advancement, understanding, diagnosis and/or treatment of CNS pathologies in children.

To see the summary of research applications received for 2022, please click HERE. We thank ASPNR’s Research Grant Committee for their efforts.

Our 2022 ASPNR – Guerbet Research Grant was awarded to Dr. Yi Li from UCSF for her proposal: Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy Outcome Prediction with Quantitative ADC Analysis (HIP-ADC).

If you are interested in becoming a new exclusive sponsor of a named pediatric neuroradiology research grant for trainees or junior faculty, please reach out to our Chair of Fundraising Dr. Timothy Booth at Timothy.Booth@utsouthwestern.edu, with appreciation.

We congratulate Dr. Kristen Yeom, the 2017 ASPNR Research Grant recipient and her collaborators for the publication of their ASPNR grant-funded report: Radiomic Signatures of Posterior Fossa Ependymoma: Molecular Subgroups and Risk Profiles. Neuro Oncol. 2021 Nov 25:noab272. To view past ASPNR Research Award recipients, please click Here


Learn pediatric neuroradiology from the best and brightest and bring your knowledge back to the reading room!

ASPNR’s online E-learning Library is for your educational benefit and access is complementary for our members. This is a terrific educational resource for radiologists, members in training, and residency training programs.

The library holds over sixty 15-to-60-minute lectures on various topics of pediatric neuroradiology and is continually updated. We thank ASPNR’s E-learning Library Committee for their efforts on this program and Guerbet LLC for their generous support of ASPNR’s E-learning Library. To access ASPNR’s E-learning library, click HERE.

If you are interested subscribing to an institutional membership to provide access to these educational lectures for your training program, radiology residents or pediatric or neuroradiology fellows, please reach out to our Chair of Membership Dr. Aylin Tekes at atekes1@jhmi.edu, with appreciation.


This month, the ASPNR successfully launched Season III of the International Pediatric Neuroradiology Teaching Network (IPNTN) Webinar Series! These webinars take place once a month on Saturdays and are complimentary.

The organizers keep the programming fresh in Season III with a new approach; leading experts of complimentary disciplines lecture on select pediatric CNS conditions and share their expertise during the subsequent Q&A session.

The first session featured pediatric brain tumors with Dr. Arastoo Vossough, Dr. Kristian Aquilina, and Dr. Vijay Ramaswamy, from neuroradiology, neurosurgery and neuro-oncology, respectively. Many thanks to our speakers!

The next session will be held on April 7, 2022 and the focus will be on pediatric CNS infections.
To view past and future speakers and to register for access, please click HERE.

This effort is led by Dr. Kshitij Mankad (Great Ormond Street, London, UK), Dr. David Mirsky (Children’s Hospital Colorado, CO, USA), Jai Sidpra (University College London, UK), and Dr. Nihaal Reddy (Rainbow Children’s, Hyderabad, India). We thank them for their efforts.


The ASPNR is happy to report a very successful 1st year of its capital campaign to raise donations in support of pediatric neuroradiology research for the BNH Founders Fund.

The Society is grateful for the generosity of its members! The ASPNR raised $33,150 in 2021, which was matched by the Society’s up to $20,000 1:1 matching campaign, for a total of $53, 150. To view our supporters on the ASPNR’s 2021 Donor Wall, click HERE.

The purpose of the campaign is to grow the BNH Fund to approximately $1,000,000 for the purpose of providing an annual ASPNR Research Grant Award to its membership in perpetuity. 2022 will mark the 2nd and final year of the matching campaign. Many thanks to the ASPNR’s Fundraising Committee that directs this effort.

Please support Pediatric Neuroradiology Research in 2022! TO DONATE NOW TO THE BNH FUND, click HERE.


The ASPNR website: https://aspnr.org/ contains a wealth of information, educational content, professional and community news and is frequently updated. Please refer to our website to access links to meeting and webinar registrations, recorded lectures in the E-learning Library, Headline News, the Case of the Week and Case of the Month Archives, the Member Directory, and much more. This is also where you can donate to research or general support for the ASPNR and renew your annual dues.

Please keep in mind, that if your group has open faculty, staff, or trainee positions, the ASPNR will post job information for you on its Jobs Classified Page as a complimentary service. To view employment opportunities, please click HERE. The ASPNR’s Website Committee directs this effort.


The ASPNR Social Media platforms bring you the 1. Interesting Case of the Month, 2. the Interesting Case of the Week, 3. Interesting Pediatric Neuroradiology articles, 4. Professional News Items, and 5. Community News. The ASPNR’s Social Media and Case of the Month Committee direct these efforts and we thank them for their ongoing efforts to keep us current and up to date!

To follow the ASPNR, please refer to these links:

  • Twitter: @The_ASPNR
  • Instagram: the_aspnr
  • Facebook: @theASPNR
  • Linkedln: American Society of Pediatric Neuroradiology



NOLA is where we started in 2019 with our inaugural Annual ASPNR Meeting and we are heading back! Please mark your calendars for our 5th Annual Meeting at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans, January 13-15, 2023. An advanced imaging workshop will be held on Thursday, January 12, 2022, the day before the meeting starts. The ASPNR23 Program Committee is working hard at developing this meeting. More information about ASPNR23 programming, the advanced imaging workshop, the pre-event social tour, and social happenings to follow.


The 2nd ASPNR – Guerbet Research Grant will be offered in 2023, generously supported by Guerbet LLC, and offers $25,000 in support.

The call for applications for the 2023 ASPNR – Guerbet Research Grant is coming soon. The deadline for receiving letters of intent is June 1, 2022 and full applications are due September 1, 2022. Applicants must be ASPNR members in good standing. Please click HERE to view additional terms. We thank the ASPNR Grant Committee that directs this effort.


We are excited to announce the new ASPNR Charlotte and Thierry Huisman Travel Scholarship Award, which is generously funded by our past ASPNR President, Dr. Thierry Huisman and his wife Charlotte.

This scholarship will provide $2000 in travel expenses for a 1st author trainee with an accepted scientific or educational abstract at the Annual ASPNR Meeting. The award is funded for the next 5 years. To be eligible for this award, applicants must be an ASPNR member in good standing. ASPNR’s Charlotte and Thierry Huisman Travel Scholarship Committee directs this effort. Details to follow.

If you are interested in sponsoring an exclusive named travel scholarship for trainees or radiologists from low GDP countries, please reach out to Dr. Timothy Booth our Chair of Fundraising at Timothy.Booth@utsouthwestern.edu, with appreciation.


In 2022 we will the launch the 1st Core Curriculum module. Content will consist of essential lectures on top pediatric neuroradiology diagnoses and is targeted towards trainees and general radiologists. These online core lectures will be available for viewing in the E-learning Library. The Core Curriculum Committee is working diligently on this project. We thank them for their efforts. Stay tuned.


Please join us for the annual joint ASNR- ASPNR pediatric neuroradiology programming at ASNR 2022, which will take place May 16-18, 2022 at the NY Hilton Midtown, NY, NY. The program chair is Dr. Erin Simon Schwartz, a past ASPNR President.

There will be 3 dedicated pediatric neuroradiology sessions, including the popular Pediatric Neuroradiology Interesting Case session, a Core Pediatric Neuroradiology session, and a collaborative pediatric neuroradiology session with our European colleagues from the European Society of Neuroradiology. Please join us in what is sure to be a great experience “Reconnecting the Global Neuroradiology Community”. To view the pediatric neuroradiology programming at the ASNR Meeting, click HERE.


After 2 years of virtual programming by the ESNR for their annual meetings, the 45th Annual Meeting of the ESNR is back in person and will be held September 14-18, 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal. The joint ESNR-ASPNR programming will cover pediatric vascular pathology. More programming details to follow. For more information, click HERE.


ASPNR’s Board of Directors and its many active committees are hard at work to bring value to you, our Membership.

At the January 2022 Annual Business Meeting, the new Board of Directors was constituted. We thank Dr. Larry Eckel for his commitment to the ASPNR. He is our Society’s longest serving President, having served for 2.5 years and we are grateful for his leadership. We thank Dr. Susan Palasis, Dr. Manu Shroff, and Dr. Paul Caruso for their past service on the ASPNR Board of Directors. Their contributions were immense during a period of intense growth for the Society. We now welcome 2 new Directors, Dr. Aylin Tekes from Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Dr. Birgit Ertl-Wagner from The Hospital for Sick Children. We are excited to engage with our new Directors in the many ongoing activities in our Society. The total number of Directors is now 12.

ASPNR’s current organizational structure with its articles of incorporation aligns with our 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable status, and its board of directors, governing bylaws and committee charters result in an enhanced organizational structure that positions the Society for future growth opportunities, greater membership involvement, and strong financial performance.

This effort currently involves a 12-person Board of Directors, five standing and eighteen ad hoc committees to help successfully manage ASPNR into the future.

In addition, as you may know, our Society is managed by Northwest Imaging Forums (NWIF), we utilize a membership management software application to serve you better (MemberClicks), and we engage the accounting firm McMahon & Co, Ltd for accounting services.

In business and governance matters, we have been advised by our legal counsel, Robert Heist, Esq., from R. Connor & Associates, who is an expert on corporate law and nonprofit governance, and who has served as past chairman of the Hershey Trust Company, an organization with an $18 billion endowment. Of note, Mr. Heist is also my spouse, and he has performed a substantial amount of legal work for the ASPNR pro bono and/or at substantially discounted rates and waived fees, further benefiting ASPNR and our membership.


It has never been a more exciting time to be a member of ASPNR! We are growing and strong. The future is full of engagement, learning, kinship, and improved pediatric patient care.

Please keep your membership current to benefit from all our activities and support the Society that works hard to support you.

And of course, don’t forget to mark your calendars for our 5th Annual Meeting in New Orleans at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, January 13-15, 2023!






President of the ASPNR
Chief Pediatric Neuroradiology
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

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